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These Projects are those of Distributors and Affiliates of Miller Lighting Products across the USA.



Auto Dealer Showrooms
Retrofit from 250W HID to 100W Induction in 2'x 2's

Food Distribution Center
Retrofits from T12 8' Fluorescent to Induction HighBays

Mall Parking Lot
Retrofits from 400W HID Shoe Box to 200W Induction Shoe Box

Retailer changes out 400W HIDs to 200W Induction HighBays

Medical Center Parking
INSTALLS and TESTS 200W Miller Induction Shoe box FAIRBANKS, ALASKA


Food Distibutor Warehouse
Before retrofit F96T12 8'fluorescent After retrofit Miller Induction Fixtures

Miller 85W Induction Freezer Fixtures Retrofit
Commercial Frozen Food Warehouse retrofits from Inefficient 250W Mercury Vapor Fixtures to Brilliant 85W Miller Induction Freezer fixtures.

Mall Parking Lot
Mall parking lot retrofit from 400w HID to 200w Miller Induction Shoebox fixtures.

Airport Control Tower
Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport changes out problematic fluorescent lowbays with Quality Miller Induction Fixtures

Miller Induction Lighting Las Vegas
Miller Lighting Products technical expertise shown by hands-on testing and collaborating with engineers and electricians that have the same practical energy saving lighting goals

Kansas Interchange uses 400W Miller Induction
Miller Induction Lighting Distributor, Interstate Electrical Supply, Lenexa, Kansas, supplies 400w Miller Induction Fixtures for this municipality on I-35 / 87th St. overpass, replacing an existing 750w HPS with great results.

Houston Stadium uses 100W Miller Induction for Parking
Toyota Center home of the Houston Rockets retrofits parking area lighting using 100W Miller Induction technology to replace existing 250W Metal Halide bulbs.

LED Bulbs for Retail areas and Medical offices
Miller Lighting Products' Distributors provide viable LED solutions for their clients. Medical offices, Retailers and many others are realizing energy savings and dollar savings, retrofitting from inefficient conventional lighting to proven energy savings technologies.


Miller Lighting Show Case of Products
Miller Lighting Products showcases Energy Saving Lighting Products, as well as, traditional electrical components.Check it out.

Miller's LED Flexible Lighting Strips
Miller's LED flexible strips are connectable up to 32+ feet(with the appropriate LED Driver). 3M adhesive backing allows for mounting under- cabinets, on shelves, displays,etc., RETAIL uses; Wine & Food Coolers, Displays, Humidors,etc., Home, Automotive and Marine uses. Bright, Longlife LEDs.

Miller BR30 Flood bulbs don't look weird!
Miller LED BR30 Flood bulbs save energy 75% over conventional floods. They don't have the weird look of the LED bulbs you find in most of the "Big-Box" stores. Fully Dimmable, natural light spread and looks at 85 CRIs. Finally, an LED bulb that "Makes Sense"!Check out this cool video!


Miller Lighting Products are used in many energy savings applications, routinely, retrofitting existing lighting systems and utilizing today’s technologies that provide higher energy savings and greater efficiency.

Many Energy Providers will provide rebates to your Commercial customers to help in converting their conventional lighting over to energy savings lighting products. Financing for these projects may be available, too. Give them a call today to find out more.

…..We have provided for your consideration energy saving projects and products that will help you and your organization realize tremendous energy savings and make a true and positive impact on your world community.

Miller Lighting Products are available for a variety of applications.  We have a solution for most of your lighting needs, especially for;   Retail Shops, Parking Lots and Garages, Dealerships, Processing facilities, Warehouses, Malls, Municipal Buildings, Parks and Recreation Facilities, Gymnasiums, Hotels, Casinos, Conference Centers, Exhibition Halls, Amusement Parks & Rides, and more.

Miller Lighting Products, services and supplies quality products, competitively priced, to distibutors across the USA.                         

Call us today to learn of a Miller Lighting Products distributor in your area.

If you are a lighting distributor or electrical distributor, or, an energy savings consulting group and would like to distribute Miller Lighting Products in your area, email us at: or call us: 800-445-6611 or 602-268-0001.