About Us:

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Miller O.E.M. Supplies Inc. DBA, Miller Lighting Products is a leading proprietary master distributor of full-range traditional and energy-saving commercial/industrial lighting products. Founded in 1975, we have 40 plus years of lighting industry experience. Miller is a family-owned business with a team that is passionately dedicated to help you choose the most efficient lighting solution for any application, saving you money, energy and time. Our expanded capabilities include design, testing and manufacturing in the US and overseas. We have most recently developed Miller Eco Lighting – our energy-efficient products – that include world-class lighting products and consultative services.

Miller Lighting Products provides you the latest generation in LED and lighting components. Our extensive lighting experience and rigorous testing ensures that our products work for your specific applications. We outperform your expectations because we conduct thorough research and work with you to select exactly the right lighting products for your needs.


The Trusted Professionals in Energy-Efficient Lighting. We believe in securing a solid knowledgeable friendly staff to support and supply the energy efficient lighting products required for a sustainable world in a timely manner.