LED Bright Paddle Light

LED Paddle Lights are a great retrofit for shoeboxes, wall packs and floodlights. They are heavy duty metal, made with bright, magnified LEDs. These multipurpose lights come in 3000K, 4000k, and 5000K for customers who need warmer light or who are used to HPS lighting. Save energy while installing the brightest possible lights!

LED Garage/Canopy Lights

This light is a slim-line, multi-use, multi-purpose LED garage or canopy light. One of its unique features is the adjustable mounting brackets which change the mounting height levels in parking garages or even warehouses! These are also available with motion or occupancy lights.

LED Multi-Function Versatile Corn Light Retrofit

These fancy LED retrofit lamp post top lights are similar to the strong LED corn lights only more streamlined and with a unique spinning top. These have a versatile installation feature so you can move the screw-in bases from the top to the bottom, so it will fit any retrofit application. We carry these LED top lights in 30 – 80 watts, which can be great for small areas or retail shop lighting!

LED Shoebox/Floodlight

LED Shoeboxes are a streamlined fixture, and the 7th generation is even better thanks to the newest LED chip and driver combinations! Some other benefits to the newest generation include the different mounting brackets for Slip fitters and angle brackets as well as the direct mounts to a pole and other fixtures. We even carry mounting tenon solid metal units for mounting to buildings as wall packs, and more. The sleek, stealthy design on the newest LED shoeboxes have mounting brackets that are easily interchangeable so you can switch out the mounting bracket for most industry poles in use.

LED UFO High/Low Bay Lights

Miller has the latest LED technology for your every need–including the newest 5th generation LED UFO High Bay Fixture. This LED UFO has options so many options for modification, like motion and occupancy sensors as well as glare-free lenses. Glare-free lenses allow the bright light to illuminate without the glare, and adds to the best light disbursement. And emergency backup is coming soon! We carry these pieces in 100, 150, 200, 240 and 300 watts.

LED Aimable, Adjustable Path Lighting

These directional, angled area light bollards can be used in gardens or pathways for office buildings. They mount easily and have adjustable LED boards that can be angled and directed toward trees, buildings or pathways, or even up onto the sides of buildings. These are available in multiple color temperatures, including 3000, 4000, and 5000K+.

LED Linear High Bay Lights

These bright and efficient LED high bay lights can be used in offices or warehouses, and hung with chain or aircraft cable to light up any area.

Solar Wall Pack

These miniature, all-in-one LED solar wall packs have solar panels built in. They put out 5 watts of LED light, and can be used in places where no power is available. The lights stay lit for up to 3.5 hours on a charge.

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